🤝 Partner Promotion Program

Program details:

Get FREE cross-promotion for your business and 5000 LoneStar Rewards Points for featuring LoneStar Adhesive in a social media video!

If approved, we will run paid ads which feature your brand alongside ours!

How it works:

Simply create a video referencing LoneStar Adhesive products, customer service, FB group, etc., and post the video on FB, IG, TikTok, or Youtube. Make sure to tag us in the post, if possible.

Once posted, save the url and enter it into the form below when submitting your application.

Preferred video content:

We invite you to get creative! That being said, we have found the following video types to be great for promotion:

Patch peel test videos:  Test the strength of Durra-Bull™ adhesive by doing a patch peel test using a hat or beanie. We recommend having pliers handy, and feel free to use your logo on the patch for brand recognition! If not using your logo, please use a general (non-vulgar) design that won't have any trademark issues.

Unboxing videos: Post a video showing you unboxing your order from LoneStar Adhesive. Explain a bit why you chose the products you did and what you may have planned for them. Consider showing your inventory stash of LoneStar Products. Please make sure to remove or cover the shipping label and/or edit out any personal information that may show in the video, including the packing slip which is present when you open the box!

Tutorial videos: Post a video showing your process for using LoneStar Adhesive products in creative ways! This could include, but is not limited to laser engraving, patch application, heat press tips, DTF application, etc.

We also encourage you to post your videos in our Facebook group as well!

Important Requirements:

  • Your video must mention LoneStar Adhesive. You are welcome to mention your brand and what you specialize in as well!
  • Make sure your videos don't include any background music. (for trademark reasons)
  • Refrain from wearing clothing that features trademarked logos other than your brand logo, or the LoneStar Adhesive logo.
  • Refrain from including vulgar elements, or using vulgar language. Keep it "PG" please.
  • Have fun and get creative!

Now, let's grow together! 💪