Vibrant Orange / Black laserable acrylic panels w/adhesive (12x24)

Vibrant Orange / Black laserable acrylic panels w/adhesive (12x24)

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Bring your creations to life with these stunning vibrant orange / black panels. Crafted of durable laserable acrylic, these 12x24 panels are backed by the best adhesive for a secure and lasting hold. 

Heat Press Settings: 

IQ setting: Top 280 Bottom 320 for 45 seconds

Single Platen: 300 for 50 seconds

Panel size is 12inx24in. 

Thickness is 1/16" or 1.5mm(could vary ever so slightly)

Each (12x24) panel will effortlessly fit 36(2.5in.x2.5in.) patches.

Tip: Clean surface with soapy water and towel after engraving

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Excellent product

Engraved and cut very well using 10w diode. Established settings to get white and black colors which have great contrast to the orange. Heat pressed well onto hats.
Very happy with the quality of the product!

James Hann

Amazing what you can do . The engraving pops . Applying the patch to hats is good . The adhesive is strong . Very impressive. .

Alex A.
Pleasantly Surprised!

I was blown away on how easy this was to engrave and cut! I used the same leatherette settings and it was almost perfect! Nice not using up a bunch of material trying to get setting right. Lonestar is top notch 👌

henry schafer
Schafer Creations Review

These products are a total gamechanger. As more and more people see my work with these leatherettes from Lonestar, they are very impressed with the quality. Also as a product creator, they are so easy to use. 5 stars out of 5!! Great people, great product and very responsive.

Michael Gurnack
Top grain leather panels

Once again top notch service and the best product out there.