A Bit About Us

LoneStar Adhesive Co. is a family owned and operated business, working to leave the custom branding industry a little better than it was found. As someone who began in this business as a hat maker himself, it didn’t take Josh long to see that the “industry standard” for thermal activated adhesive was sub-par, at best. A background in customer service drove him to seek a solution that didn’t leave him continually returning to troubleshoot work that could be done right the first time.

Growing weary of companies promising a solution, only to offer disappointing results, he sought after an adhesive that truly is, "Adhesive with Integrity." After testing the durability for a while in his own small business, “Brim Lines,” he knew it should be brought to other makers so the entire industry could see what should be the new standard.

Durra-Bull, the signature product and adhesive from LoneStar Adhesive Co., has taken the industry by the horns and left the rest in its dust. It has stood its ground while enduring all kinds of conditions from a truck left in the South Texas summer heat to the frigid temps endured by our Canadian friends to a well-meaning trip through the washing machine.

The years since bringing the adhesive to market have been a wild ride, and LoneStar Adhesive Co. has grown into a distributor of top-grain leather, leatherette, wood veneer, and acrylic sheets, all backed by Durra-Bull adhesive. Staying true to his roots, Richardson hats are also stocked in some of the most popular color ways.

The solutions coming from LSA haven’t ended there, either. Now known for their customer service, they’ve brought a dual platen hat press with an extended warranty to market, the Branding Iron. And when an ongoing problem with leatherette peeling was identified, Josh approached a manufacturer about creating a premium leatherette. This product is now an exclusive offering of LoneStar Adhesive, and proving to be yet another solution the industry needed.

As of today, you can easily find makers proudly demonstrating the strength of the adhesive through “pull tests” for their own customers. The LoneStar Adhesive Team still helpfully, and joyfully, recommends the use of pliers.

You can find the LSA Team hosting live customer service and a community of makers in LoneStar Adhesive Official Group on Facebook, as well as on Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and even Pinterest. You’ll want to keep up with what’s coming, that’s for sure!

Welcome to the family held together by “Adhesive with Integrity.”