Vibrant Orange / Black laserable acrylic panels w/adhesive (12x24)

Vibrant Orange / Black laserable acrylic panels w/adhesive (12x24)

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Bring your creations to life with these stunning vibrant orange / black panels. Crafted of durable laserable acrylic, these 12x24 panels are backed by the best adhesive for a secure and lasting hold. 

Heat Press Settings: 

IQ setting: Top 280 Bottom 320 for 45 seconds

Single Platen: 300 for 50 seconds

Panel size is 12inx24in. 

Thickness is 1/16" or 1.5mm(could vary ever so slightly)

Each (12x24) panel will effortlessly fit 36(2.5in.x2.5in.) patches.

Tip: Clean surface with soapy water and towel after engraving

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
James Hann

Amazing what you can do . The engraving pops . Applying the patch to hats is good . The adhesive is strong . Very impressive. .

Alex A.
Pleasantly Surprised!

I was blown away on how easy this was to engrave and cut! I used the same leatherette settings and it was almost perfect! Nice not using up a bunch of material trying to get setting right. Lonestar is top notch 👌

henry schafer
Schafer Creations Review

These products are a total gamechanger. As more and more people see my work with these leatherettes from Lonestar, they are very impressed with the quality. Also as a product creator, they are so easy to use. 5 stars out of 5!! Great people, great product and very responsive.

Michael Gurnack
Top grain leather panels

Once again top notch service and the best product out there.