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Cowhide / Black Durra-Bull Premium Leatherette™ Sheets (12x24)

Cowhide / Black Durra-Bull Premium Leatherette™ Sheets (12x24)

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Our LoneStar exclusive PREMIUM leatherette™ is 30% thicker and 100% more reliable than typical leatherette found on the market today! 

Through extensive testing and manufacturing improvements, we have constructed a laser-friendly leatherette you can truly trust!

These faux leather panels come in an array of colors to match any request your customer throws at you. Shipped ready to use these panels are backed by the industry leading thermal activated adhesive Durra-Bull.

PREMIUM leatherette™ is approximately .059" / 1.5mm thick.

Panel dimensions are 12in x 24in 

For best results engrave with little to no air and clean remaining char with LA Awesome(or something similar) and a brush. 

Note: The Foam and NO-FOAM option relates to the backing material which is sandwiched between the engraving surface and the back surface of the leatherette. 

We have found that the NO-FOAM version of the leatherette is the best option for adhering to beanies and other articles of clothing which may require occasional machine washing.  The leatherette with foam backing is best for use on items which will be hand-washed only.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cole Burnett
Cowhide Leatherette

This stuff makes some awesome looking patches and it’s backed with Dura-bull adhesive!!! The best and easy to work with!!!


Live the way it came out great materials

Steve Martin
Love it.

The quality of the product is by far the best leatherette I’ve used and I have made tens of thousands of patches. Working on figuring out how to use exclusively, as pricing is a difficult task to change up. Hopefully I can purchase large quantities to get the price to work.


Love this printed leatherette, game changer.


It seems to be a very popular design for cap patches.