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Second Run Jersey Tan Top-Grain Leather Panels (12x18)

Second Run Jersey Tan Top-Grain Leather Panels (12x18)

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(These are the same as Jersey Tan Panels, but may have some discoloring or scars and we don't feel right selling them at full price. These discounted panels are still very usable.)

Discover the perfect leather for hat patches with our Jersey Tan Top-Grain leather panels. Backed by our Durra-Bull adhesive, these panels make creating beautiful leather patches effortless. Enjoy the unmatched quality and texture of our Jersey Tan Top-Grain veg-tan leather panels - your patches will never look the same! With a similar color to natural veg-tan, this leather is hot stuffed with waxes and oils that exceedingly help with the cleaning process. 

Panel size is 12inx18in. 

Thickness is 4-5oz or 2.0-2.4mm(could vary ever so slightly)

Each (12x18) panel will effortlessly fit 30(3in.x2in.) patches.

These are the best hides our manufacturers have to offer, but due to the nature of genuine leather they may have minimal imperfections. 

Tip: Clean bulk of dust left over from engraving with a microfiber towel and any remainder with unscented baby wipes. We also suggest treating your patches to a 75/25 mixture of resolene to water to keep your patches looking brand new. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chris Lane

Couldn’t have received anything better!

James Hilgart
good stuff

typical procuts from lonetstar, sprectacular

William phillips
Best stuff I've used

Josh at lonestar is an awesome guy his products have way surpassed my expectations. The jersey tan leather engraves and applies so easy it's hard to mess it up and the leatherette, probably the best material I've worked with. The adhesive is on another level. I've watched a few of his videos trying to peel it off so I gave it a try and would you know it's not a gimmick. It's tough as nails.