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Limousin Brown Top-Grain Leather Panel (12x18)

Limousin Brown Top-Grain Leather Panel (12x18)

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Discover the perfect leather for hat patches with our Limousin Brown Top-Grain leather panels. Backed by our Durra-Bull adhesive, these panels make creating beautiful leather patches effortless. Enjoy the unmatched quality and texture of our Limousin Brown Top-Grain veg-tan leather panels - your patches will never look the same! With a rich brown color and beautiful engraving this leather is hot stuffed with waxes and oils that exceedingly helps with the cleaning process. 

Panel size is 12in x 18in. 

Price shown is for 1 leather panel.

Thickness is 4-5oz or 2.0-2.4mm (could vary ever so slightly)

Each (12x18) panel will effortlessly fit 30(3in.x2in.) patches.

These are the best hides our manufacturers have to offer, but due to the nature of genuine leather they may have minimal imperfections. 

Tip: Clean bulk of dust left over from engraving with a microfiber towel and any remainder with unscented baby wipes. We also suggest treating your patches to a 75/25 mixture of resolene to water to keep your patches looking brand new. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Roger Kloos
Limo Leather...good stuff!

Really like the Limousine Brown leather. The color and sheen level are great. And it engraves very nicely.


Love the leather panels!!!

Keith Platte
Excellent Product - adhesive and leather

I've been stitching leather patches onto hats for over a year because I never wanted them to come off and because I like the look of the stitch line. I made the jump to use Lonestar adhesive products. The leatherette is nice, but a lot of my customers want real leather. And Lonestar's Jersey Tan Top Grain Leather Panels have not disappointed. I've had repeat customers because they like the look and quality. So they come back for more.

The leather burns well and is a nice look with great color and condition. I use a coat of resolene to ensure the char doesn't rub. The adhesive pre-installed on the back makes the process so much easier without sacrificing the endurance and quality I promise my customers.

Melissa Kidd
Awesome Leather

I have used Lonestar leather with their adhesive almost exclusively since I began making hats last year. My husband gets to test the hats first. I tell him his job is to destroy the hat, and so far, patches made with this leather have stayed and still look good. I've had no complaints from any of my customers. Thanks for a great product!

Joel Spearman
Great product and easy to use

Love all of their products. I am a new business and their products have been easy to use and the quality is great.