Here at LoneStar Adhesive we sell the most trusted thermal-activated adhesive on the market. Not only is our adhesive considered the industry standard, but so is our customer service.

*** Processing time is currently 2-3 business days. You're given the option to expedite transit time at checkout. If you need processing time expedited, please select the RUSH processing upgrade at checkout. We truly appreciate your support of this small, family owned business. ***

With feedback from our customers, we have continued to provide the most trusted products on the market. You will notice that some of our leatherette is beginning to have PREMIUM in the name. LoneStar's exclusive PREMIUM line of leatherette is the first on the market that is 30% thicker and 100% more dependable. We thank you for choosing LoneStar Adhesive to support your business.

The Branding Iron Edition 112 Dual Platen Hat Press - #LoneStar Adhesive#

Get the Ultimate Hat Press

Introducing LoneStar’s new and improved hat press, The Branding Iron - 112 Edition!

Over the past 3 months, we've worked directly with our manufacturer to revise and custom mold the lower platen pad to match the shape and contour of the world's most popular trucker hat, the Richardson 112. 

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Laserable Acrylic w/ Adhesive

Premium Leatherette Patches

Richardson Hats

  • Versatility

    Our adhesive is compatible with materials ranging from leather, leatherette, acrylic, embroidery, PVC, wood veneer to even fabrics such as Cordura, wool, cotton and twill for a variety of intended applications.

  • Made In America

    Our high-quality, locally manufactured adhesive showcases the best of our country's talent and ingenuity.

  • The Evans Family

    We acknowledge the importance of family. That's why here at LoneStar adhesive, our focus is on creating products that optimize your operations and enhance profitability.

Adhering LoneStar's Durra-Bull Adhesive

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Foam and NO-FOAM leatherette?

The Foam or NO-FOAM description relates to the backing options behind the colored engraving surface of the leatherette. Through thorough testing, we have found that the NO-FOAM version of the leatherette is the best option for any material that may need to flex, or which may require occasional machine washing. The leatherette WITH foam backing (the default option) is best for use on items which will be spot cleaned or hand-washed only.

What is Durra-Bull Adhesive

Durra-Bull Adhesive is an American Made thermal activated adhesive used to adhere all types of patches to hats and other materials.

T-Shirt Press Settings

With the backing of the adhesive facing the heating element you want to press for 10-12 seconds @ 220 degrees with medium pressure.

Household Iron Settings

The iron will need to be set to the cotton/linen setting, using no steam. Place an ironing board or old towel on the stable surface you'll use to iron so that any moisture emitted does not damage the material. Lay the engraving side of the material face-down, with the shiny side of the adhesive sheet facing the material's "back." Position the adhesive sheet to your desired position, then use a gentle upward motion through the center of the adhesive sheet. Work from the center and move outward to reduce wrinkles in the adhesive. Once the entire surface of the adhesive is secured to the material, allow time for cooling and proceed with your project. Some materials such as acrylic and wood veneer will benefit from being placed under a weighted object to ensure the materials remain flat.

Branding Iron Hat Press Settings

Suggested settings for the Branding Iron are 280°F on top and 400°F on bottom for 45 seconds with medium pressure applied.

IQ 360 Settings

For most materials, the suggested setting will be 280*F on the top platen and 320*F on bottom platen for 45 seconds. For regular leatherette, 40 seconds will be a preferred starting point.

Single Platen Settings

We suggest starting at 300*F for 40-50 seconds with most materials, including leather that is 4oz or less of thickness. Some customers prefer pre-pressing the hat to warm it up with the top platen or pressing for additional time.

Hat Cleaning Process

It’s best to hand wash and spot treat your cap with warm water and a light laundry detergent or OxiClean.


Orders with adhesive and most materials will be shipped out within 2-3 business days, notwithstanding extenuating circumstances. Custom patch orders will be shipped within 7-10 business days unless otherwise specified.